Other Types of Material for Furniture in Indonesia

The first other material for furniture and furnishing is capiz shell. Also known as Kapis shells, they are white, translucent shells that are delicate and brittle. They come from a bivalve which also produces pearls. The shells are used in a number of crafts and furnishings. Prime for their beautiful translucent texture, the shells were once used to make windows, but are now used to make dishes, wind chimes, lamp shades and jewellery.
Capiz shells can be dyed colors. They can also be cut and designed in various shapes including circle, ellipse, and rectangle.

Material capiz shell Baliartfurniture

Capiz Shell


Glass is used in the following non-exhaustive list of goods: conditioning (jars for food, bottles for drinks, flacon for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals), tableware (drinking glasses, plate, cups, bowls), housing and buildings (windows, facades, conservatory, insulation, reinforcement structures), and furniture (tables, coffee tables )

Glass coffee table: Indonesia sourcing Baliartfurniture

Leather is mainly used for our products for armchair, ottoman and small bench.
We only use high quality and processed cowhide or goat leather.
Some of our items such as headboards or lamps are available in our catalogs.
The leather mixed with old teak wood is very exotic – makes it perfect as supplemental material for furniture.



Resin is a robust or highly sticky substance of plant or artificial origin that is generally convertible to polymers.
Resins are usually mixtures of organic compounds.
Plants secrete resins for their safeguarding benefits in response to damage.
Our artisans use this material to make tables, chairs and other products like lamps.
Most of the time we do resin inlays in recycled wood.

Material for Furniture Resin baliartfurniture

We offer several styles of stone ranging from typical Indonesian sculpture to swimming pool slabs, exterior, and interior tiling.
The stone grades range from Granite, Lava Stone, Marble, Bali Green Stone and Limestone.
You want to decorate your swimming pool with a stone fountain decorated with statues and a pool tower in colored tiles.your bathroom or your kitchen with exceptional sinks or bathtubs.

Lime stone lighting sculpture Baliartfurniture


Synthetic Rattan

Plastic can be one of the best materials for furniture. Recently, a lot of people use what we commonly call as synthetic rattan.
Much cheaper than natural rattan, water resistant, these products are often used for exteriors such as around the pool for a sun lounger, tables and chairs but also sofas with cushions for better comfort.

Synthetic rattan furniture is made from a man-made fibber which is much more bulky and stable than the real thing.
The fibbers are woven in the same way as authentic rattan but are generally glaze with UV additives that can prevent fading and wear.

synthetic rattan sunlounger baliartfurniture

Synthetic Rattan Catalog

Fabric Sunproof & Sunbrella

Resistant to UV damage and fading. Sun proof and Sunbrella applies accomplished ultraviolet blocking agents which preserve the polymer backbone of the fabric from the effect of UV radiation.

Perfect for all Outdoor applications. Accordingly as an outdoor fabric, Sun proof or Sunbrella is proved to have a strong capacity to withstand the effects of prolonged exposure to sunlight, wind, rain and humidity. It is long lasting.

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