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Personalized Services

Trade Service: Exclusive personalized for wholesalers, retailers, interior designers, architects, landscape artists, hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs, commercial villas and fashion brands, or even individual projects.

Bali Home Decoration will work intimately with you as if we were a member of your team.

Bali Home Decoration offers interesting additions to your current space and a continuous supply of new products for wholesale and retail customers.

Any living space’s look and ambiance you want to accomplish, we have a broad range of design and material.

Products with various styles are available for both your interior and exterior projects.

Trade Service

Bali Home Decoration accommodates trade services for custom homes decor.
We send worldwide for personal and business, to retail and wholesale.
We will study with you the best possibilities that correspond to your business for a long collaboration.
Our trade-in services page shows you how we work, but we are of course listening to all your specific requests.

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Standard Products

Bali Home Decoration offers a large range of standard products.
We have over 15.000 Outdoor, Indoor, and Home Decor products.
From the Candle Holders to the small furniture.

Balihomedecoration offers you an incredible range of Indonesian Bali home decorations.
We offer indoor and outdoor lighting, Cushions and Throws, bathroom accessories, kitchen accessories, bedroom decor, living decor, pool decor, small furniture, and many others.

But also garden decorations such as pots, sculptures, ornaments, fountains, baskets, wall decorations, and many more.

Manufacturers, Sourcing and Wholesaler for any project.

Create Designs

Each person has a different vision.
This is why: each space is unique and personal, each atmosphere reflects a personality, and each work of art characterizes the days.

Bali Home Decoration offers hundreds of models and prepares them according to your vision.
Your projects are already ready and you have all the plans, drawings, measurements, and materials you have in mind.
You have your own Designers, we will go very quickly to develop your own designs.

You need designs created for you so just send us basic drawings or photos telling us the sizes you need.
We will send you a quote for the creation of the development of your projects in 3D with our team of designers and developers.

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Custom Made

Besides take-back services, bespoke furniture and decorations are our other signature.
Original Designs products can be developed into a new product or one of our existing products.
Any modification will be feasible depending on the possibilities of our craftsmen.
Our staff will start production, only after you have approved the project and the design proposal.

Whether it is Lamps, Wall decor, small furniture, Sculptures or any other we will study your needs and we will make several proposals for you.
The customization of the samples of each product you want will be invoiced to you before manufacture.

Subsequently, when you approve the sample and we start production, during the final invoice we will withdraw the price of the sample that we will offer you free of charge.

Samples & Prototypes

All the samples and prototypes of products that we need to develop for you will be made directly by our craftsmen.

But first of all, they will be developed in our professional factories for quality products.
Baliartfurniture controls each product during development in our office and then during sample production.

For us, the important thing is to be able to create the products that you want to realize and to be a successful company.
Your customers will be loyal if you offer them unique pieces and we are here to help you.

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We can give you a plan of the decorations you want to integrate where it will be placed in your living space.
We can create it in PDF format.

To do this, please send us as many details as possible, such as photos of the places in panorama, the measurements of the space to be equipped and what will be the quantities you will need.

You choose the products on our site or on our catalogs and we will send you a quick assembly to have an overview on
the impression and the atmosphere that it can create.

Your Own Designs

The craziest creativity that comes to your mind, we can make it happen for you.
Can’t find product ideas that match your vision?
We will work closely with you and offer you a wide range of products to give you maximum inspiration by sending you photos of hotels, villas and places that will match your search.

Be creative and let your imagination travel and be inspired by your travels or magical places where you had a great time.
If you are already a designer, send us your craziest model projects and with our team we will help you realize them.

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Order process Bali home decoration

Processing Order and Control quality

Bali Home Decor has its own quality control team.

We do all the quality checks several times a week.
From the sample production process until the freight company collects the products from our warehouse.

The Balihomedecor team checks the packaging and loading into the container for shipment directly to you in your country.


Trade-in services
As part of our sales department, our logistics team is ready to send the shipping estimate details of your products.
From the delivery time, from the quote to the transport documents required in your country.

We have our forwarders whom we recommend because we know their viability and their competence.
Our references are Limajari, Bsa Cargo, and Bali Sourcing cargo.
However, you are also free to choose your own.

We offer you to take care of the transport to your destination from A to Z.
Please note that our prices are in EXW (for the products), they do not include the transport, the packaging, the costs of transport by truck through Indonesia and the customs costs in connection with your country, and any other tax charges.

Your products can be shipped by sea or air.

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