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Take advantage of the Bali Home Decoration offer to make your business easier.

You can no longer go to Indonesia during this period due to the closure of the borders and the complexity of going to this country to finalize your purchases from your usual suppliers.
Your wish is to find a company there to do quality control, product verification, price negotiation, and shipping.
It is important for this to speak the language in order to be able to provide exceptional service.
Our team will negotiate all for you!
Bali Home Decoration has more than 25 years of experience in the field of interior decoration and also furniture.
We can offer you NEW SERVICE, wishing to be closer to retail buyers, restaurants, hotels, developers, architects, designers, personal buyers but also wholesalers.
By using our new service and our team of professionals, you will save time, money which will make your job easier and much more profitable.
Our teams are located in Bali for manufactured interior decoration products, In Lombok for more specific products, and for furniture, we have our Quality Control Specialist who is French and who installs directly near all furniture manufacturing factories in Java with more than 15 years of experience.

We offer you 2 types of services.
– We do the verification, quality control, and shipment directly to your suppliers where you have already placed your order.
– You want us to find products for you in addition to the products you already have from your suppliers.

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01 We have been suppliers for many years!

With our experience as suppliers but also work closely with factories and craftsmen for many years, we will provide you with an exceptional quality of service.
We benefit from priority attention with our partners.

02 We know the good and the bad products!

The puzzle in Indonesia is to find the right suppliers who will manufacture for you the products you want but above all in a given time.
Our expertise and experience will offer you much more than a simple quality control but will also offer you attractive prices negotiated for you.

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03 We visit new factories and artisans daily

Our teams, whether in Lombok, Bali or Java are on the road every day to discover new products that will be trending in the furniture and home decoration market.
On the road every day, they are always looking for new or old Indonesian art objects.


When placing orders and highlighting important details from a foreign country and in a different language, it can become a nightmare.
The accents and the approximate approach of the language between you and your interlocutor in Indonesia can make you waste a lot of time, even money.
Let Baliartfurniture take care of all your negotiations in the local language to be sure that your order will be understood!


Baliartfurniture can become your supplier for the development of your business.
We will also be delighted to bring you this new service as an agent here in Indonesia.
The knowledge of our raw material suppliers but also those with whom we collaborate for the manufacture of our own products, we will always allow us to obtain exclusive prices.
Our goal is to help you grow your business and have a long term relationship with you.

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06 We take care of everything

The entire Baliartfurniture team will take care of the supply, negotiations, quality control but also very important the shipping part.
We will verify the packaging, quantities and the correct flow of freight for your delivery.
Tell us what you need and we will find the solution for you!

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You need a Best Sourcing & Buying Agent ?

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Our Special offer services for the best sourcing & buying in Indonesia

Our experienced team will be in direct contact with your suppliers and also they will suggest others to have a wide choice in relation to your business.
Please note that we are also a manufacturer and therefore we know most of our partners.

When placing your order with your usual suppliers, they generally ask you for a period of 3 to 6 weeks to complete it.
Our experience can assure you that unfortunately the deadlines are never respected and that very often the products arrive more trad.
Leave it to us, we know how to get the products to order on time.

In these troubled times, it is really very difficult to travel and get entry visas. It is currently not possible to travel to Indonesia (even with a Business visa), we will update this page when the borders reopen.
We are on-site and can help you continue your business.
Ordering from your desk has never been so easy!

We can arrange all your shipping requirements from FCL (Full Container Loads) to LCL (Bulk Cargo Loads), Air Freight, and International Postal Mail.
If you already have your freight company, we will get in touch with them. We also have our own partners for shipping them.
Parcels with small products not exceeding 32 Kilos (2 Cartons) can be sent by Indonesian Post EMS (between 3 and 12 days) which we can organize for you.

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